Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A car accident?

So, on Monday night, I was headed home from school and I was on a curvy road, and must have gotten distracted or something, because I drifted off to the right, went part way in a ditch, and then up on a bank and then the car turned over and upside down, then it slid for a ways, and finally came to a stop. The first thing I thought was, "I gotta get outta the car before it blows up!" So, I scrambled out of the drivers door (which opened, thank God) and ran away from the car. Everybody was really nice, and the person behind me in traffic waited with me until the fire department and everybody got there. And then the CHP officer happened to be someone that went to my church, so he gave me a ride home and even talked to my parent's with me about the car. I'm really grateful that I wasn't very hurt (just some neckpain). It reminded me that God is good. And that he kept me safe for a reason. I might not know what that reason is, but I'm bound and determined to find out. Anyway, that's my story.

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