Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Good things I’ve accomplished this year

I forget where I got this idea from, but I thought it was kinda cool to look back at the positive things from the past year, instead of focusing on the other stuff, like I tend to do. So... this is my list of things that I'm proud of. Some Good things that I've done or have attempted to do, this past year
  • Lived on my own
  • Admitted when I needed help
  • Started taking more pictures and have been consistent with it
  • Sponsored a child in Africa (Got my 1st Christmas card from her too!)
  • Read a couple really good books (God grew tired of us, Against Depression, Streams in the desert…)
  • Successfully lead activities at summer camp (1st time as activities director)
  • Started to take back authority in my life that I had given to others
  • Made it through my first semester at Chico State
  • Made some new friends outside of my usual social circle
  • Went two months without biting my fingernails

It's kinda ironic, that I'm listing some accomplishments, and while thinking of them, this song is playing. (Is that ironic? I thought I knew, but the Alanis Morrisette song confused me)
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