Saturday, January 5, 2008

My New Year’s Resolutions

  • Blog Everyday. Whether I think it’s profound, funny, somewhat amusing, interesting, intriguing, or just to record the simple fact that I was on the internet.
  • Take at least one photo a day
  • Keep exploring ways to manage and prevent headaches & migraines
  • Put my digital bible on the dock of my MacBook, so I see it much more often and hopefully it reminds me to open it.
  • Start drinking tea regularly
  • Cut waaaay back on my caffeine intake
  • Spend an equal amount of time reading (actual books) as I do on the inter-web.
  • Read the entire owner’s manual of my new camera
  • Get straight A’s this next semester (I know, this one is a biggie for me!)
  • Move out of my ‘rents house… again
  • Go on at least one small day trip a month
  • Print more photos instead of keeping them all on my computer
  • Write at least one actual letter a month and mail it
Any others you got for me? I’m open to suggestions.
Becky P

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