Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rush Limbaugh vs fake Steve Jobs

So, on Tuesday's Rush Limbaugh show, he talked about putting out a plea to Steve Jobs, to fix his under-performing macs. So, I decided to put out the plea to fake Steve Jobs. And... this morning, it was featured in fake Steve Jobs blog. I just sent an email to El Rushbo, letting him know he was featured in the fake blog, so I guess we'll see if he mentions it on today's show. I thought it would be cool to see fake Steve Jobs talk about Rush, but I didn't realize how mean people would be in the comments section of the blog. The people that leave those kind of messages, must just be angry all the time. They write hateful, hurtful things, and I don't get why they attack someone personally over what is said politically. Are there any happy liberals out there? If you're one of them, lemme know. Anywho, I think Steve Jobs should be thanking Rush Limbaugh for mentioning his products on the air. Rush has the biggest radio audience in history. Steve Jobs just got free advertising. Maybe a nice little monogrammed thank you card is in order?

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