Sunday, March 2, 2008

5 best movies that are too old to be played a lot on TV now, but still happen to totally rock, and that I have fond memories of

Top 5 best movies that are too old to be played a lot on TV now, but still happen to totally rock and that I have fond memories of:

5. Strange Brew: Two drunks get trapped in a beer factory, that’s ran by an evil brew-master. Oh, and the evil brew-master is trying to take over the world. Muh-hahahah…. Anyways, the movie is based off of some sketches on SCTV (kinda a Canadian SNL). It has classic lines like, “take off, you hoser!”, and “The breaks are out. No point in steering now”. There’s also a dog, that looks like a skunk, that has the power to fly. How awesome is that???

4. Jingle all the Way: Long before Arnie was the gova-nator, and way back when Sinbad was still really cool, this movie premiered. Ah-nold plays a workaholic dad, that’s trying to get his son a Turbo Man action figure, the same toy that every other boy in America wants. He spends the day searching for the toy, along with Sinbad, an on-edge postal worker, Look for Phil Hartman has the neighbor, Ted (he steals the show). Classic lines; “ ‘Where’s your mom? ‘she’s outside, pettin’ Ted.’”, and “Liz is in the shower, do you want me to go get her?”

3. One crazy summer: Really cool, quirky movie from director John Savage (Better off Dead). Starring John Cusack, he plays a kid fresh outta high school, trying to figure out what to do with his life. His friends and him spend the summer in Cape Cod, where they meet up with an aspiring singer, played by Demi Moore. Also starring Jeremy Piven as, you guessed it, Cusack’s best friend. There’s also a lobster torturing bad guy. Awesome lines: “Chili dog?” and “Check out those really ugly kids!”

2. Mrs. Doubtfire: One of my fav’s when I was a kid. This has Robin Williams at his comedic best! He plays a new divorcee that dresses up as an old woman, to get a job as his ex-wife’s housekeeper, all so he can keep spending time with his kids. Sally Fields plays the ex-wife, and Pierce Brosnan plays her new beau. A fun, family movie that everyone will enjoy. Great lines; “toodaloo!” and “it was a drive-by fruiting!”

1. Captain Ron: Coming in at #1, is this classic Kurt Russell/Martin Short comedy. Short plays a work-obsessed father who inherits an old sailboat, and hires a crusty Kurt Russell, to sail it for him and his family. The classic tale of a father wanting to spend more time with his family, but the family ends up liking the chill Capt’n, better than the dad. Unoriginal plot, but great slapstick comedy is the key to what would be an otherwise boring movie. Classic Russell line; “it’s just a tattoo, boss.”

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